MA|MSc in Art and Technology

University of Limerick

Postgraduate Lab & Adjunct Spaces

The primary teaching space for the Art & Technology students is a combination lab and workshop. Most lectures are held in this space, and the modular furniture allows the space to rearranged as needed for works in progress. This primary lab is augmented with an electronics lab and a maker space with a laser cutter.

Masters Studio

The Masters Studio is comprised of a suite of four rooms devoted to audio recording and production.

Live & Control Rooms

The live room is patched directly to the control room. There are options for pre-amps and straight-to-disk recording. A D-Command desk stands in place of an audio mixer, making the workspace more flexible.

5.1 Studio

This production studio has stereo as well as 5.1 speaker configurations for multi-channel mixing and editing. Running on a MacPro with a D-Command disk, this production room allows the user to run several different DAWs from the station.
The size of the room has also allowed for installing works in progress as needed.

Synth Room

This composition studio not only houses another MacPro and DAWs, but it also houses a range of modular analog synths. This room also serves to host works in progress as needed.

Computer Science Building Atrium

Several madules and the final thesis project requires demonstration and installation spaces. The atrium of the Computer Science Building has been outfitted with a gallery wall and contains plinths as needed for temporary exhibitions.
A former cafe space is now used as a pop-up maker space and performance area.

Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment

The University of Limerick supports the 32.2-channel Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment. Currently the only high-density loudspeaker array in the Republic of Ireland, SpADE enables research in audio engineering, spatial audio composition, acoustics and psychoacoustics, interaction design and auditory display.
Further details are available at: SpADE

University of Limerick